So we’ve compiled a list of small, quick, easy, homemade and recyclable decorations for you to make this Christmas, WITHOUT having to worry about storing them for the other 340 days in the year.


Upgraded Glass Ornaments

This time of year you’ll pick up glass baubles (or at least see-through plastic ones) just about anywhere, so get collecting and unleash your/your kid’s creativity. Just unscrew the bauble and stuff in whatever tickles your fancy. Whether it be a traditional Christmas scene, fake snow or something a bit more off-piste, these little ornaments are sure to put that personalised touch to your tree.


Engraved Baubles

All you need for these awesome looking custom baubles is the bauble itself, something slightly sharp (like a drill bit, needle etc.) and some creative flair. Be sure to leave the room if you’re not a fan of that awful etching sound, but apart from that you’re ready to get scratching. You can go for a nice pattern like above or scratch out your favourite Christmas characters.


Bottle Cap Reindeer

These are quick, easy and undeniably cute. Save up those bottle caps next time you have a few bevvys, get together some simple craft supplies and go wild. You can really easily knock up a whole hoard of reindeer, Santa’s or take it to the next level by gluing a few caps together to create a snowman.


Disco Bauble

Still not moved on from the 80’’s? Not to worry, these crazy Disco Baubles will have you jiving around the house in no time. All you need is a bauble of your choice (see-through works best), an old CD, scissors, glue and some ribbon. You simply chop the CD to shreds and stick it to the bauble. Be careful when chopping the CD as it will have sharp edges, however with supervision there’s no reason why the kids can’t get involved with this one, because remember “No one puts baby in the corner”.


Candlelit Christmas Scene

Finally a way to put all those jam and mason jars to good use! All you need is some black card/craft paper, tea lights, spray snow and your adhesive of choice. Tap into your inner Van Gogh and draw out your scene/characters, chop them out and stick to the inside of the jar. Go bananas with the fake snow and then carefully place your tea lights into the middle of the jar, job done. These look great when lit up in the evening, helping to create a really cosy, Christmas feel.


Hedgehog Pinecones

Next time you walk the dog, grab yourself some pinecones and prepare to make your armada of hedgehogs. All you need to do is break, saw, stamp or karate chop the pinecones in half and add the finishing touches with a sharpie or some felt. Attach some string or ribbon and hang them in pride of place on your tree.


Snowy String Balls

All you need for this one is some PVA, string and a balloon. Remember those primary school days when you’d papier-mâché anything you could get your hands on? Well this works in the exact same way. Inflate the balloon to the desired size (nothing too big or the string will go limp), dip or apply glue to the string and wrap it around the balloon. Wait until the glue dries and pop the balloon. If you want to add that little extra Christmassy touch you can apply glitter to the balls before you hang them on the tree.


Cork Reindeer

Before you ask this is most definitely not just an excuse to knock back a bottle or two… But I suppose we’ve got to get the corks somehow aye? So grab as many corks as you can find, some googley eyes, twigs for antlers, pins or glue to stick it all together and any other decorations you think will add that certain je ne sais quoi. Use the pins and corks to create your basic reindeer shape and from there you’re on your own.  After all those drinks this one may be down to you kids!


Paper Snowflakes

A classic. You haven’t had a Christmas if you haven’t made a paper snowflake. All you need is a square piece of paper and some scissors. Fold the paper however many times you want, into your desired shape and get to chopping. It may take you a few attempts to get something that resembles a snowflake, but stick with it and you’ll be sure to get a bunch of awesome decorations.


Sequin Balls

Finally, for these awesome looking baubles you’re going to need to take a trip to your local craft store. You’ll need a Styrofoam ball, a bunch of sequins and the same amount of pins. You simply stick the sequins into the Styrofoam with the pins in the pattern or design you so desire. You can go for a simple one coloured ball or be brave and try to make your favourite Christmas character or even a Christmas scene.


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