Sometimes life can be hectic, chaotic and completely unorganised – but there is no reason why your house should reflect that. When days seem like they could not get any worse, your home should be your sanctuary.

Although we cannot promise complete organisation for all aspects of your life – we can promise one ultra-organised house with these Storage Maker solutions.

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The Ultimate Pantry Storage

Food is one of those things that always creates a messy cupboard no matter how hard you try to keep it tidy. The onion husks find their way everywhere and the rice seems to make its way into every little corner. You need our basket trolley, no really you do. With drawers to separate your food items as well as wheels to move it around, this trolley is perfect for squeezing in some extra shelving space into your pantry.


Head Board Shelving

Do you have a room that you’re lucky a double bed can fit into let alone two bedside tables? We know the feeling. One great way to combat this space issue is with some neatly placed headboard shelving. Providing some great extra storage, open shelving units can also provide for some great décor spaces. We love the raw look of our shelving, creating an industrial effect.

clever ways featured


Cupboard Wonders

Are your shoes in a pile at the bottom of your cupboard? Do you lose socks, gloves and every other little bit of clothing to the clothes-eating monster at the bottom of your cupboard? We thought so, and we have just the monster fighting shelving that you need. Our shoe racks and clothing baskets will keep everything in its rightful place and can be built to your needs.