We are in the middle of Winter and yet needless to say you will find some unworn items hidden in your closet from winters past.

wasteful wardrobes

On average a UK female only wears 70% of their wardrobe. With an average of 144 items of clothing per closet that equates to 43 unworn items!

Women buy approx. 64 new items of clothing a year that’s more then 5 new items a month and makes up 89% of our total wardrobe space. On average each item is worn approx. 2-3 times over the course of a year (not counting winter coats or shoes).

wasteful where do unwanted clothes go

This autumn Bedroom Storage Maker are challenging you to de-clutter your wardrobe and give to charity. Unknown to many is that when you donate your clothes to a clothing bank or charity shop a percentage ends up not being sold in store but making its way overseas. Donated clothing and shoes are shipped worldwide, to crisis situations and other times to help poor families build a business selling second hand items on their own market stalls.

wasteful what do we wear

Bedroom Storage Maker hates to see waste and clutter so its time to refresh your wardrobe and donate to charity. This year we are holding a collection service for clothes, shoes and handbags. Our staff are busy cleaning their closets and encouraging friends and family to get involved. Join in by de-cluttering your home, starting a donation bag at work or asking friends to get involved.


Here are some handy tips to help you get started:

  1. Aim to wear each item in your wardrobe 10-12 times a year, if you haven’t worn an item in the last 12 months then its time to donate.
  2. Put all your clothes hangers facing left, when you wear wash and dry your clothes hang them back to the right, after a few months you can see which clothes are well worn and which are not.
  3. When you buy a new piece of clothing try and then donate an old piece of clothing.
  4. If it doesn’t go with anything will you ever wear it? We all have those impulse buys that are either to bright, to short, to tight or to crazy for us to ever wear, if it fits in this category think about donating it.
  5. Check the condition- whether sold in store or sent overseas the aim is that the items are worn and re-loved so make sure all items are clean, in a suitable state to wear and complete.